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The Council's General Secretariat is at your service to provide information about the Council's work. If you wish to contact us, please choose the appropriate link from the list below. To allow us to provide you with the best possible service, please send your mail to one mailbox only.



European Council

Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 175
B-1048 Bruxelles/Brussel

Main switchboard: (32-2) 281 61 11
Fax (32-2) 281 69 34

Council building


For general enquiries and information about the Council's activities:

Public Information Service
Telephone (32-2) 281 56 50
Fax (32-2) 281 49 77
FAQ and online enquiry form

For media enquiries:

Press Office
Telephone (32-2) 281 63 19
Fax (32-2) 281 80 26
Contacting the Press Office

To request an information visit to the Council:

Visits Service
Telephone (32-2) 281 21 40
Fax (32-2) 281 66 09
More information and visit request form

To look for a Council document in the public register or request access to other Council documents:

Transparency/Access to documents unit

Fax (32-2) 281 63 61

For Council publications and periodicals:
Publications/Documentation Service


(32-2) 281 84 46

281 78 59

281 61 07

E-mail: bookshop.online@consilium.europa.eu

To visit the Council's library containing monographs, reference works and EU publications (open to the public by appointment only):

Central Library
Telephone (32-2) 281 65 25
Fax (32-2) 281 81 74
E-mail: bibliotheque.centrale@consilium.europa.eu

To consult documents in the Council's historical archives (by appointment only):

Central Archives
E-mail: archives.centrales@consilium.europa.eu


For information on how the Council processes personal data in pursuing its activities:
Data Protection Unit

To report a technical problem or send a comment about the website: