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Media accreditation for upcoming events

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Special online accreditation is required for European Council meetings.
It is available about five (5) weeks before each meeting.

Please note that accreditation is the responsibility of the Council's security office and the Council's press office cannot guarantee that your accreditation will be accepted if you have failed to follow this procedure.

While on the premises, you must visibly wear your European Council identity badge. Any person found not wearing a badge may be asked to leave.

Moreover, at any time a member of the security office may ask you to prove your identity by producing an official document, even if you are visibly wearing your European Council identity badge.


Should you have any further questions, you are always welcome to contact the Council press office
▪ tel. +32-(0)2-281 63 19
▪ fax: +32-(0)2-281 80 26
▪ e-mail: press.office@consilium.europa.eu

for clarification and help with the procedures.